Pinhead, Jason, and 6 other killers remain in our slasher-movie franchise bracket
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Round 3: Can Freddy's wisecracks beat Chucky's? Will Norman Bates survive Halloween? See who survives the Elite 8
So long, Santa. It was nice knowing you, Jigsaw. Don't let the door hit you on the way out, generic baby-doll-mask killer from Happy Death Day. After surviving the mass reaping of round one in our Ultimate Slasher Franchise Tournament, all of the fiends above (and six more besides) got the axe in round two. Now we're on to the Elite Eight in our bracketed attempt to determine the greatest slasher-movie series of them all.

Round three comes down to just four showdowns, but each is a doozy. In fact, were we making a list of the 10 best slasher movies of all time, most of these franchises would likely earn at least one slot. But we're not just judging the merits of milestone originals. Every sequel counts in these battles, which means your detours to space and prominent supporting roles for Busta Rhymes or Roseanne Barr could cost you at the bell. Or not—all of these horror icons have a habit of surviving whatever you throw at them.


Stay tuned tomorrow for the Final Four. And don't forget to weigh in with your own votes in the readers poll below.

Halloween vs. Psycho

Winner: Halloween


Finally, a fair fight. These seminal slashers, released 18 years apart, have been in dialogue ever since 1978. If Psycho often gets credit for starting the slasher genre, Halloween crystalized its rules, with original scream queen, Psycho star Janet Leigh, passing the crown to her daughter, Halloween's Jamie Lee Curtis. Even the MOs of the killers are similar, with Michael Myers and Norman Bates being quiet, unassuming children when they started taking out family members.

Franchising the movies would prove equally challenging, as both series offered a mixed bag of follow-ups and their own respective, divisive, auteur-driven remakes. Hollywood has been trying to get a sequel right for these properties since the '80s, which is why there are no less than three versions of Halloween II (Rick Rosenthal's Halloween II, Rob Zombie's Halloween II, and David…
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