Plastic Recycling Experts, More Recycling, Rebrands As Stina Inc
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More Recycling changes its name to Stina Inc, a name which encompasses the Principals Nina Bellucci Butler, Stacey Luddy and Chad Jodon's drive for harmony with the natural world to help address the dueling threats of climate change and plastic waste.
More Recycling, a research and technology firm, which has delivered the Annual Plastic Recycling Study for the U.S. and Canada for over 10 years, rebrands as Stina Inc, its legal entity name, in a move that expands its mission to help organizations and individuals transition to a society that prioritizes the sustainable use of resources.

At the forefront of the plastic waste problem is an imbalance of systems – from economic to environmental. Recycling is an essential part of shifting from the current linear to a circular economy, but more is needed to achieve the systemic changes necessary to reduce waste. "The potential for innovation through inspiration from nature is as great as the risk we face by ignoring nature's signals. We want to help unlock that innovation," said Butler, Principal and CEO of Stina Inc.

According to the U.S. EPA, over 91% of plastic is not currently recycled leaving tonnes of waste in the environment that nature cannot manage, and analysts forecast increases in virgin plastic production globally over the next 30 years. Plastics today both positively and negatively impact human health and climate change. Their properties reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to alternative materials yet contribute to global pollution.

With a thorough understanding of the plastic recycling landscape…
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