Preview Marvel's celebration of its Latinx heroes Voices: Comunidades #1
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With Spider-Man, Ghost Rider, America Chavez, the White Tiger, and more
Marvel Comics celebrates their Latinx characters in the November anthology special Marvel's Voices: Comunidades #1. Comunidades (which means 'Communities' in Spanish) featuring heroes like Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Robbie Reyes/Ghost Rider, America Chavez, Risque, Nina the Conjuror (the Sorcerer Supreme of the '50s), the two White Tigers, and more.

Marvel's Voices: Comunidades #1 cover by Joe Quesda (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"Marvel Voices is such a unique project that I feel really drills down on the core Marvel tenet of reflecting the world outside your window - so when the opportunity came to help put together Marvel Voices: Comunidades and celebrate the Latinx community, I couldn't have been more excited," Marvel's Voices: Comunidades #1 co-editor Lauren Amaro says in the announcement. "And that excitement only continues to grow as story pitches continue to roll in - trust me, you're not going to want to miss out on what this talented group of creators have got cooking up!"

Here are the confirmed stories with a preview image from each and comments from the writer:

'Just as Strange as You' starring Germán Aguilar and Eva Quintero of the Strange Academy by writer Terry Blas and artists Julius Ohta and Erick Arciniega.

"It's important for me that Latinas see themselves reflected back as smart and resourceful and brave and adventurous. Eva's character is very much informed by that and sending her to Strange Academy and off on an adventure with fellow Mexican student, German Aguilar was such a fun way to showcase both of their powers and the possibilities they hold," says Blas. "She made a promise to Humberto/Reptil that she wouldn't stop learning magic until she knew how to find his parents and Comunidades kicks off the beginning of her journey to do that."

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

'Pa'lante Juntos' starring the original White Tiger by writer Daniel José Older and artists Germán Peralta and Jesus Aburtov.

"As Marvel's first Latinx Super Hero,…
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