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Most of what's happening on your device is being tracked. That's no secret, most people already know this. Yet, fewer people are aware of what type of data can be tracked and how can the data be used. Do you know how are you being tracked ? Read till the end, there might be something surprising.

Chapter 1 Online Surveillance

On average, only one in five people read the privacy policies? of services they register for. So, most people might not be aware of what kind of data are companies tracking. Can we really call it consent if you have no idea what you're consenting for? Although, this doesn't seem to bother most of us. After all, if there'd be something bad going on, it would be all over the news, right? There's a flaw in this reasoning though. Everyone has a different view on what data they're willing to share. What could bother you individually may not always be that kind of thing that'd surface as a headline in the media.

The only way you can decide whether you're okay with giving consent is if you know exactly what's being asked of you. Which means, what data are you giving away. Furthermore, what data can an app or a website actually collect without explicitly asking for your consent. There are certain things that are so fundamental to how the internet works that it might be difficult to opt-out. It's also not in the interest of internet companies (in most cases) to make it easy to opt-out. Almost all of them are trying to gather as much data about you as possible so they can analyze it and see how they can influence your behaviour. And that's the game we're all playing.

Now, of course, you can limit this using, say, a VPN? . Which you can consider using if you value being geologically hidden. Or a browser extension that blocks tracking and/or ads. . Both of those will give you a certain amount of protection. People frequently use VPN to access content that's not available in their location. Meaning VPN serves usually for stripping…
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