Prose vs. Function of Beauty — how the 2 most popular personalized haircare companies compare
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Prose and Function of Beauty both offer customizable hair products, but one will be better than the other based on your budget and hair needs.
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Function of Beauty and Prose both make shampoo and conditioner personalized to your hair needs.

Function of Beauty is more affordable and customizable, while Prose has a more thorough quiz and product options.

Ultimately, we prefer Prose but enjoyed both brands. It's up to your budget and your hair needs.

Forget monograms and engravings — the future of personalization lies in data and algorithms, which are being used to make everything from personalized vitamin packs to personalized pillows.

In women's haircare, Function of Beauty, founded in 2015, and Prose, founded in 2017, are popular startups hoping that you never settle for catch-all shampoo and…
Connie Chen
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