QAnon-Linked Judge Paula Patrick Rules in War Over Columbus Statue and Plywood Box in Philadelphia
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After a lawyer threatened to tear down a plywood box covering the statue himself, Judge Paula Patrick ruled that it must remain visible to the public.
It's hard to imagine being more in need of a hobby than the members of a group called Friends of Marconi Plaza. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer, the local group has taken up the most noble of crusades—fighting to defend a statue dedicated to Christopher Columbus. And on Friday a judge who was once allegedly on the speaker's list for a QAnon-linked event ruled that the plywood box covering the statue must be removed.

City officials covered the Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza with plywood last year, the Inquirer reports, as protests for racial justice galvanized efforts to remove it. Mayor Jim Kenney's administration said the structure was a protective measure while officials decided the statue's future.

It came after an increasingly unhinged battle over the monument. Vigilante Columbus supporters showed up with baseball bats and guns in June 2020, ready to fight anyone who tried to take the statue down. Some witnesses said the statue defenders assaulted people at the park, and a South Philly police captain was…
Laura Bradley
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