Ravkoo Digital Pharmacy Platform Launches, Making Prescription Management Easier for Patients, Doctors and Pharmacies

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End-to-end digital solution enables free, same-day prescription delivery to patients' doorsteps in 100 American cities
Ravkoo, a revolutionary digital pharmacy platform, has launched, making prescription management easier for patients, doctors, and pharmacies. Built on the experience and infrastructure of a successful mail order pharmacy business, Ravkoo offers a complete, end-to-end service. The company connects users with more than 400 distribution centers nationwide in over 100 major cities across the US—providing free same-day prescription delivery to patients' doorsteps.

According to Alpesh Patel, Co-founder and board member, "As a pharmacist, I have been in the prescription business for over 12 years. I have consistently found that prescription management between their doctor and pharmacy is one of the biggest pain points for every patient, which also delays their treatment. We started Ravkoo with one goal in mind, which is to make everything simpler and easier to track for all stakeholders. We are in the middle of a pandemic. Patients deserve to continue their treatments effectively. They deserve free, same-day delivery and affordable prices on their medications without having to leave their houses."

Ravkoo connects the dots…
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