Redirect to Mobile Site for Wikimedia Pages
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You can control this extension with the toolbar menu, which allows you to switch it on or off, and whether it should take you to the desktop version to edit an article.

This extension respects the mobile/desktop link at the bottom of Wikimedia pages, and redirects Wikimedia pages to the appropriate version when you enable or disable the extension.

For example, if you visit you will be taken to . If you visit you will be taken to . The exception to this is if you are editing an article. In that case you will be taken to the desktop version of the site, which you may find easier to use and more fully-featured when editing.

The mobile-optimised pages of Wikimedia sites are often easier to read than the desktop version. With this extension, when you visit the desktop version of a Wikipedia or Wiktionary article (or any article on a Wikimedia site), you will be taken to the mobile-optimised version of that page instead.

Firefox and Private Windows

Firefox's privacy settings allow you to choose whether extensions have access to pages in Private Windows. This helps protect your privacy and gives you greater choice. All extensions are disabled in Private Windows is disbaled by default. This means that if, in a Private Window, you view a website that this extension is configure to work with, it will not function on that website.

If you have configured Firefox to be permanently in Private mode (as I have), all functionality of this extensions will be disabled. If you would like this extension to work in Private Windows, you will need to allow the extension to access to Private Windows. This can be done from the Add-ons page. More information, including how to change privacy settings, is available at Mozilla's page, Extensions in Private Browsing.

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