Reps. Wittman, Stefanik: The world deserves to know the truth about COVID's origins
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The U.S. intelligence community has completed its investigation into the origins of COVID-19. As feared, its findings were inconclusive.
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The U.S. intelligence community has completed its investigation into the origins of COVID-19. As feared, its findings were inconclusive: a "moderate confidence" COVID-19 originated from a lab incident, but a "low degree of confidence" that COVID-19 was of natural origins. What the Community clearly determined is that to fully uncover COVID-19's origins, the People's Republic of China must provide investigations with greater access.

The world deserves to know the truth.

Right now, it is nearly impossible to have all the facts because the Chinese Communist Party has blocked critical information and failed to cooperate with the global community. It leaves all of us asking: "What is China hiding?"

What we do know about China's risky virus research program can only be analyzed through the knowledge of the communist regime's suppression of the truth—leaving many vital questions unanswered. We know the Wuhan Institute of Virology was performing potentially dangerous research on coronaviruses.


This lab, a biosafety level 4 lab, was approved to conduct potentially dangerous gain-of-function research. The purpose of gain-of-function research is to mutate a virus by giving it new properties—making it more deadly or more transmissible as a result. We also know American taxpayers provided hundreds of thousands of dollars for research at the Wuhan Lab. However, Dr. Anthony Fauci denies these dollars were intended for gain-of-function research.

These facts were not our first nor only red flag. As…
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