Republicans Plan to Stick With Deranged Party Leadership Team That Just Lost House, Presidency, Maybe Senate
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fairly difficult
You have to admire the self-confidence, if nothing else, and to be clear, you should not admire anything else.
In theory, according to let's say political science and common sense, there should come some moment at which the Republican Party establishment would want to back away from its tight alliance with the MAGA movement. Many Americans love Donald Trump, but a majority of Americans do not, and the Trump loyalists' choices tend to alienate not just Democrats but independent voters as well. Eventually that has to become unsustainable, one would think.

That moment of reckoning apparently has not yet arrived. The party may have just lost the White House by 7 million votes despite the advantages of incumbency, failed to win the House of Representatives for the second consecutive cycle despite the advantages of gerrymandering, and found itself still battling not to lose the Senate despite the Senate being two-thirds composed of rural white states with made-up-sounding names like "Idaho," but it is not going to let any of that be cause for self-reflection. We know this thanks to the Associated Press, which reports Wednesday that all of the GOP's most important figures have decided to back Ronna McDaniel, a Trump…
Ben Mathis-Lilley
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