Robinhood to give users access to their paychecks two days early
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The feature is expected to be in the next version of the Robinhood app, the report adds.
Robinhood is developing a feature that would let users access their paycheck two days early as it looks to diversify and expand its offerings beyond trading, according to a Bloomberg report.

The technology would rival other fintech and banking companies like PayPal and Capital One that allow customers to get paid two days early.

Eligibility for the program is at the discretion of someone's employer.

Robinhood did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Ian Rosen, partner at The Tifin Group and former CEO of StockTwits, said combining early access to a paycheck with an app that's helped fuel meme stock trading could be a recipe for some problems.

"I think combining their current model with that product will definitely encourage some ill advised behavior."

The newest version of the Robinhood app is expected to include other new features including hedging…
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