Russian-linked Nobelium hacker behind SolarWinds attack strikes again
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The Russia-linked hacker Nobelium behind the 2020 SolarWinds cyberattacks has struck global information technology supply chains again.
The Russian-linked hacker Nobelium behind the 2020 Solarwind attacks has targeted global information technology supply chains again, a Microsoft blog said Sunday. File Photo by Ken Wolter/UPI/Shutterstock

Oct. 25 (UPI) -- Tom Burt, who serves as corporate vice president of Microsoft's Customer Security and Trust team, warned of the new attack by the Russian nation-state actor Nobelium Sunday in a blog. Advertisement

"Nobelium has been attempting to replicate the approach it has used in past attacks by targeting organizations integral to the global IT supply chain," Burt said in the blog. "This time, it is attacking a different part of the supply chain: resellers and other technology service providers that customize, deploy and manage cloud services and other technologies on behalf of their customers.

"We believe Nobelium ultimately hopes to piggyback on any direct access that resellers may have to their customers' IT systems and more easily impersonate an organization's trusted technology partner to gain access to their downstream customers."

Burt said Microsoft first noticed the new…
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