Ruston Kelly On Kacey Musgraves And How Love Inspires Them
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The man who gives the Grammy winner butterflies introduces a new genre of music: "Dirt Emo."
"She's been at this for a long time. She's been a performer her entire life, so it was an honor to see the culmination of all of her efforts through the years," Kelly, a fellow musician, told HuffPost of the success of Musgraves' fourth studio album. "Love really transformed and transfixed something special in both of our lives. For her to be awarded in light of that love is certainly a great honor for me."

Musgraves has been open about how her romance with Kelly inspired the album, released in March 2018, five months after the couple wed in Tennessee.

"It was kind of like the universe was saying that you need to be present and, I don't know, witness this beautiful thing that's happening," she told HuffPost's Travis Waldron when "Golden Hour" was released. "It led me to kind of focus on the positive and beautiful elements of this earth and this relationship I'm in, despite the fact that the social and political landscape is a little unnerving in a lot of ways."

Kelly has that same mindset when it comes to his own artistry. Fueled by his newfound sobriety, the 31-year-old singer-songwriter recently defined his own genre of music after releasing a daring and emotive debut studio album, "Dying Star," last fall. He collaborated with an array of female songwriters, including The Civil Wars' Joy Williams and The Highwomen's Natalie Hemby.

And although Kelly wrote the majority of the songs before he met Musgraves, her entrance into his life surely affected his ability to close the book on a difficult chapter.

"It wouldn't have a small, silver thread of hope through it, especially toward the end, if it weren't for her," he said. "[She helped me] to say, 'I can move on from this and I cannot be afraid of what the next chapter is.' To be openly willing to just let it be."

"That's something that I think love goes hand-in-hand with," he added. "Real love shows you who you are in a lot of ways, who you feel…
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