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Safemoon Price Plummeting While Fans Join Bitrise Coin

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Safemoon price has been plummeting over the last few weeks. A look at charts shows that the price of the coin has been falling by a huge percentage over the last month.
During the same period, Bitrise, one of the mooning crypto coins in the market, has been experiencing bullish growth.

Bitrise platform offers innovative tokenomics

The platform gives attractive rewards to investors

Automated token buyback and burning creating token scarcity

Like Safemoon, Bitrise is a Defi project that has proven to be a force to reckon with over the last few months. It was launched end of July, almost 5 months after the launch of Safemoon, and it has become its toughest competitor. In the last few weeks that Safemoon prices have been plummeting, thousands of fans have been joining Bitrise coin. But there is more that this coin is offering besides the being fast-growing token value. The protocol this team is developing, tokenomics, and attractive rewards are key factors making the coin super competitive and attractive to crypto investors.

The Bitrise is building one of the biggest DeFi products on the market. The team is developing a decentralised financial system that will be a game-changer in both DeFI industry and the traditional financial system. The development is ongoing,…
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