Salazar to roll out plan giving access to telecommunications abroad when internet access is shut down
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EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar and a dozen Republican lawmakers are set to launch a plan that would provide access to wireless communications abroad to ensure individuals can use cellular devices amidst natural disasters or when "rogue regimes" shut down internet access.
Salazar, R-Fla., is expected to roll out the "American Freedom and Internet Access Act of 2021" on Tuesday—also known as "Operation Starfall."

Fox News obtained a copy of the legislation, which would deploy stratospheric balloons, aerostats, or satellite technology capable of rapidly delivering wireless internet anywhere on the planet, from the stratosphere, or higher.

The bill would require the secretary of the Air Force, in consultation with the chief of Space Operations, to develop and being the implementation of the plan.

Salazar's office says the bill is "critical to protecting the safety and wellbeing of American citizens at home and abroad."

"The U.S. cannot stand by…
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