Samsung adds A.I. processing to double high-bandwidth memory speeds
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Samsung doubles the speed of high bandwidth memory, or HBM, with a new solution by adding a processor-in-memory that uses the power of A.I.
High-bandwidth memory, or HBM, is already fast. But Samsung wants to make it even faster. The South Korean-based technology giant has announced its HBM-PIM architecture, which will double the speeds of high-bandwidth memory by leaning on artificial intelligence.

PIM, which stands for processor-in-memory, leverages the capabilities of artificial intelligence to speed up memory, and Samsung hopes that its HBM-PIM tech will be used in applications such as data centers and high-performance computing (HPC) machines in the future.

"Our groundbreaking HBM-PIM is the industry's first programmable PIM solution tailored for diverse A.I.-driven workloads such as HPC, training, and inference," Kwangil Park, Samsung Electronics senior vice president of memory product planning, said in a statement. "We…
Chuong Nguyen
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