Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 review
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A thin and stylish 2-in-1 from Samsung
The Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a compact, light and premium 2-in-1 which impresses on a number of fronts. It doesn't quite match some rivals in terms of performance, but Samsung does a lot right with this long-awaited laptop.

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Samsung's Galaxy Book Pro 360 is one of the first products that is a collaboration between Samsung and Intel which aims to create the same kind of relationship between laptops and mobile phones that you get with Apple's ecosystem.

To get the most out of the notebook and phone here, you need a Galaxy smartphone. The Your Phone app also works with other Android phones and iPhones, but the latter was not a great experience. However, if you already have a Galaxy phone, Galaxy Buds Pro and a Galaxy Tab, then the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a great call for your next laptop.

Samsung's Galaxy Book Pro 360 is a compact, light and premium machine. The screen can be folded all the way around so it's flat to the back of the keyboard, turning the hardware into a tablet-like device. We still think that a dedicated tablet is better than this, but as an occasional tablet, the device works well enough, and is also much thinner than rival devices that attempt the 360-degree hinge trick.

The Galaxy Book Pro 360 offers a Thunderbolt 4 port, a pair of USB-C connectors, a traditional headphone socket and a microSD slot. Also included is an S-Pen stylus. The pen is black and plastic, and does not feel particularly premium, but it works really well to write and draw with, even if the palm rejection support of Windows could be much better.

What could also be improved is the mediocre webcam, which is a modest 720p effort. The AMOLED display with a Full HD resolution, on the other hand, offers excellent color reproduction and contrast. It's a really nice screen overall, although it doesn't cope so well in full sunlight. The keyboard is also phenomenally good, being large and responsive, plus the speakers sound very impressive, too.

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