Samsung is looking to build a $17 billion chip manufacturing plant in Texas
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Earlier this week, Reuters reported that Samsung was evaluating two locations in the state of Texas for the construction of a new 5nm chip manufacturing plant, after...
In context: Semiconductor demand is surging and an ongoing shortage of chips has pushed companies and governments to invest large amounts of money into establishing production capabilities outside of Asia. Samsung has big plans to conquer semiconductors and other key industries, and will be spending $205 billion towards those goals. A $17 billion chunk of that fund will go toward building a new chip plant in the US, most likely in one of two cities in Texas.

becoming aware of plans to offer extensive property tax breaks for tech giants looking to bring their business to the region.

One of the locations is Austin, which is already home to one of Samsung's manufacturing facilities, while the other is the city of Taylor in Williamson County. Commissioners from Williamson County along…
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