SCAM ALERT: The 'Coca-Cola Welfare Fund' is Not Giving Away Lottery Money
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Online posts spread across multiple countries, offering prize money in more than one currency.
The Coca-Cola Welfare Fund is offering users a chance to win money by entering a lottery after they complete an online survey.

An online survey purportedly from the "Coca-Cola Welfare Fund" is promising you a chance to win money in a lottery. But like many things online, it is a scam, and you should not click on any link promising this so-called opportunity.

The link spread far and wide in early June 2021, across Facebook pages in many countries, stating a variation of: "Click to enter to participate in the survey, have a chance to win 7000 peso." In Cambodia, it reportedly offered a chance to win 200,000 riel, the local currency.

Screenshots show the scam was also shared in multiple languages:

The post spread so much that the Cambodian Ministry of Interior's…
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