RT / USA news / Scientists may have discovered Alaska's own Yellowstone 'supervolcano'

Scientists may have discovered Alaska's own Yellowstone 'supervolcano'

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Geologists now fear that an archipelago of volcanic islands off Alaska may, in fact, be one giant undiscovered supervolcano similar to Yellowstone, with potentially dramatic and global consequences should it erupt.
Diana Roman of the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC and her colleagues are due to present their research at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2020 Fall Meeting.

Their analyses of the seismicity, localized geology, structure, and thermal and gas emissions of Mount Cleveland and five similar-sized volcanoes in the vicinity, suggest something sinister and subterranean may be lurking in the remote waters of Alaska's Aleutian Arc.

Preliminary data indicate the potential presence of a massive caldera, or collapsed section of the Earth's crust which falls into an emptied magma chamber, underneath the six stratovolcanoes are Carlisle, Cleveland, Herbert, Kagamil, Tana and Uliaga.

This kind of collapse can create a kind of pressure cooker effect, as the magma chamber gradually refills over time, but with a significantly reduced total chamber volume.

Geologists also suspect that the alignment and orientation of the mountains may indicate a…
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