Seth Meyers Brutally Mocks Fox News' Tucker Carlson for Playing the Victim After Capitol Riot
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The "Late Night" host can't believe the Fox News hysteric is trying to paint right-wingers as the real victims after a deadly attack on the Capitol perpetrated by right-wingers.
For the past several days, President Trump, Republican members of Congress, and Fox News have all been playing the victim in the wake of a treasonous attack on the U.S. Capitol that left six people dead, including two police officers (one by apparent suicide). Instead of trying to figure out how and why this act of terrorism happened, they've been complaining about social media companies purging accounts that have violated their terms of service by, among other things, plotting sedition and threatening violence.

As Seth Meyers said on Tuesday night, "Republicans have responded by doing what they do best: making themselves the victims."

The Late Night host then threw to a clip of Fox News' resident white nationalist-inciter, Tucker Carlson, who wondered aloud, "Imagine that: You wake up and you're suddenly unpopular with the wrong person and you can't…
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