Shocking moment officer shoots peaceful protester, 26, in the head with a 'rubber bullet'
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Federal agents in Portland, Oregon, shot a peaceful protester named Donovan La Bella in the head with 'less lethal' munition on Saturday and left him with a severe head injury.
A peaceful protester in Oregon, armed with only a music speaker, was shot in the head with 'rubber bullet' and severely injured by federal agents deployed by President Trump.

The disturbing incident happened across the street from the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse in Portland during a demonstration against police brutality and racism on Saturday.

The shooting was widely condemned by local and state officials who've shifted blame onto President Trump after he sent federal agents to quell protests without their consent.

Many said Trump was responsible for the bloodshed last weekend, who on Friday encouraged a more aggressive approach by federal Homeland Security personnel.


Footage shared on Instagram and YouTube by videographer Tomas Morales shows Donavan La Bella, 26, hoisting a music speaker into the air across from authorities.

The authorities, reported to be federal agents, have closed off the area surrounding the courthouse while in riot gear.

The authorities throw a smoking canister at the peaceful protesters, but La Bella softly kicks it out of the way and toss it back.

Seconds later, a shot rings out and La Bella's body crumples to the ground as nearby protesters scream in fear.

Donovan La Bella (pictured) was holding a music speaker during a protest on Saturday night when he was shot in the head with 'less lethal' munition by federal agents

An agent opened fire at La Bella after he softly tossed back a smoking canister they hurled at peaceful protesters and began playing music again

The victim's mother said La Bella (pictured) suffered fractures to his head and skull, and has undergone facial reconstruction surgery

The group rallies around La Bella, who is lying on the ground with a large gash in his head and blood seeping out onto the concrete sidewalk.

A handful of protesters lift La Bella's limp body and rush him away from the scene.

Another video shared by videographer Garrison Davis shows a chilling trail…
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