Should I remove Microsoft account password?
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Should I remove Microsoft account password?

September 25, 2021

There is no denying that password is a necessity in our digital lives. We use passwords as a critical security layer to protect our various accounts.

However, passwords are not secure in many cases for two main reasons:

Users are not good at choosing passwords, and they tend to use weak passwords for convenience. For example, they reuse the same password for different accounts.

Hackers can steal user passwords with various technologies or tools, like dictionary-attack, phishing, and rainbow table.

Security experts have long realized that using passwords to authenticate users is not good enough. They have been trying to create better methods to replace passwords.

As early as 1999, Microsoft launched the Passport authentication service to replace passwords, but it was abandoned a few years later due to its serious flaws. A decade ago, Bill Gates ever predicted that passwords would be dead soon.

Until recently, Microsoft finally started to "kill" passwords and let users remove passwords from their Microsoft accounts.

How to remove password?

Install Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone and link it to your Microsoft account.

Sign in to your account on Microsoft website, choose "Advanced security". Under "Additional security", you'll see "Passwordless account". Select "Turn on".

Follow the on-screen instructions, and approve the notification from your…
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