Should the Vikings trade for Odell Beckham Jr.? No.
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fairly easy
It seems like today is the day that I go against my typical motis operandi, as I just ended up writing an overtly political piece on our sister site,, regarding Trump's discussions with
professional sports commissioners this week. I'm going to follow that up by taking down an article from an author on one of our competing websites, I typically don't do that, as it can seem catty and confrontational, so I want to make it clear that I love the idea posed by Dean Jones, as I most likely would've written something similar (if I hadn't spent the beginning of my day humble bragging about my political science/sociology of law degrees, marking this the first time anyone has bragged about a political science degree).

If made it abundantly clear that the wide receiver position is my jam. I am, after all, a child of the Randy Moss/ Cris Carter era, and I've wanted nothing more since Moss was traded after the 2004 season than for someone, anyone, remotely close to his level of talent/domination to rock the purple and gold.

As much as I loved Diggs (I've said he WAS my favorite Viking multiple times but for the last time in my article, 'What Exactly Did You Have to be Mad About, Diggs?'), I couldn't rectify his off-the-field/on-the-Twitter behavior with his production on the field. After all, as important as he was to this team and as good as he was, he was never near Moss' level and the reality is that… Sure. The Vikings have had a…
Joe Johnson
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