Sidney Powell Implicates Justice Alito, Steve Scalise, and Kevin McCarthy
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fairly difficult
In a recent interview Sidney Powell implicated prominent Republicans in the House and Supreme Court Justice Alito in a plot coinciding with the January 6 attack to delay Congress from authenticating the 2020 presidential election.
Sidney Powell was another tool of President Trump. Like Michael Flynn or Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell tied her reins to Trump for better and for worse and resolved to go down on that ship. Like a spent commodity, Powell has been sidelined by Trump (like many before her) after she served her use and was dismissed from the legal team determined to overturn the election. Powell has made bizarre and outlandish claims like asserting that Michael Flynn had been framed by a covert "deep state" operation or that "George Soros, the Clinton Foundation, Antifa, "communistic" actors in Venezuela (including late ex-president Hugo Chávez), Cuba, China and thousands of election officials from both parties" were part of a conspiracy to siphon millions of votes away from Trump in the 2020 presidential election. In an interview with a sympathetic news outlet, Sidney Powell, through loose lips or…
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