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SifChain Lists on AscendEX

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AscendEX is thrilled to announce the listing of the SifChain token (ROWAN) under the pair USDT/ROWAN on Aug 24 at 1 p.m. UTC
. In celebration of its latest listing, AscendEX will join together with the team at SifChain to launch two limited-time promotional events, running from Aug 24, 1:00 p.m. UTC to Aug 31, 12:00 a.m. UTC. These exclusive events will offer participants a chance to win pooled rewards worth up to 120,000 USDT.

SifChain's DEX offers a low slippage Omni-chain solution with higher liquidity provider (LP) rewards than competitive DEXs. Compared to other DEXs, SifChain is an Omni-chain protocol rather than a typical bridge. Thus, moderate pricing is achievable by pulling the pricing of token pools from peg chains. When IBC launches, it will allow SifChain to connect to any EVM-based or Cosmos-based chain.

SifChain offers Interoperability with a highly efficient mechanism for cross-chain transfers. Additionally, it connects Ethereum to Cosmos to utilize Cosmos as a more efficient layer for higher data throughput, along with faster transaction speed. As a result, margin trading should see an increase in transactions and trading volume on SifChain's DEX. The token will also allow other trading types in addition to market orders. For example, limit orders that will favor more experienced traders looking for reliable ways to execute strategies and for beginners looking to get their specified prices.

The ROWAN token serves as a transaction settlement asset for the network. It…
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