Sinema Cueing Up To Go Indy (Must Read)
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Absolutely fascinating look at Kyrsten Sinema's efforts to position herself as an...
independent in Arizona, possibly formally but definitely in effect. It makes pretty clear she's not done with politics or angling for a high dollar lobbying gig, as some speculate. She thinks she can be a latter-day McCain and build her political brand on that basis, likely looking for a promotion above the Senate. TPM Reader GT, a registered independent in Arizona, walks us through the view from in-state as well as the mailers he's been getting on Sinema's behalf from something called the "Center Forward" PAC run out of New Jersey and chaired by former Alabama Rep. Bud Cramer (D).

I remain pretty confident that Sinema has misjudged the politics. But as GT makes clear, there's no question she has a plan and is following it in a very considered way.

A little local color for you on your Sinema observations.

(I've buried the important point about why she doesn't really fear a primary deep down in this email, but I promise you'll get to it eventually).

I moved to Phoenix from the Seattle area about five years ago so have lived through her election and subsequent Senatorial career. I went to the DMV to get a license and ended up registered as a No Party voter because we didn't register by party affiliations in Washington when I started voting.

The consequences of that are that I get all of the mailings done on her behalf because I am, by registration at least, in the middle of her electoral sweet spot – the coveted Arizona independent.

She believes she has to win independents to win here and so she's doing what she thinks independents want her to do. There are other factors at play in why she's doing it in this particular way, certainly, but her election history gives a sense about why

Before the start of her political career as a state legislator and then senator as a Democrat, she was in the Green Party and worked on the Nader campaign. She was extremely negative towards Lieberman and other Democrats who acted like Republicans at times. She lost a couple of…
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