Skull Session: A Lack of Spring Practice Hurts Player Development, Larry Johnson Compares Joey Bosa, Nick Bosa and Chase Young, and Ohio State's Drills Actually Work
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How a lack of spring practice hurts players, Larry Johnson compares the Bosa Brothers and Chase Young, how Ohio State's drills translate to the field, and more.
I, too, watched last night's episode of the documentary series about the second-best basketball player of all-time, and enjoyed it thoroughly, like the rest of online.

But with this series stretching out, I can't help but think it's gonna be a hell of a ride on social media for one particular All-American interior lineman.

The Ohio State University — Michael Jordan (@BigMikeJ73) April 19, 2020

I mean, he certainly ain't wrong.

Song of the Day: "MakeDamnSure" by Taking Back Sunday.

Word of the Day: Veracious.

THE MISSING SPRING. Right now, we should be about a week removed from a fake football game we'll all read into way too much in vain attempts to prognosticate about next season.

Instead, the players have been doing the same thing we've been doing: staying at home, waiting out a global pandemic (full disclosure, if they've been doing exactly the same thing I've been doing, you can go ahead and write off a natty this year because my body is probably 2% takeout food and Dr. Pepper at any given moment).

It's definitely not ideal for them to miss an entire spring practice, for a variety of reasons.

Garrett Wilson went from outside receiver to slot receiver, Harry Miller slid from center to left guard and Baron Browning moved from inside linebacker to outside linebacker. They were all trial runs, a hallmark of the spring season when coaches have more leeway to reconfigure rosters. "When you're in training camp and you have an idea, you'll tweak with it a little bit," Carpenter said. "But in spring, that's when you experiment with all that stuff and see how it looks. Some of it looks good, you carry on, and then you keep paring it down. Some of it looks bad in the spring and you throw it out right away. But this is the opportunity of when you try to figure out, 'Is there anything unique we can do?'" ... Carpenter said younger receivers also stood to benefit from spring practice, as they had a chance to work on their timing with…
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