Sliders Seaside Grill 'Handouts' Controversy
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A Florida-based restaurant went on Fox News to complain about a purported labor shortage, leading social media users to locate their PPP loan records.
Claim Sliders Seaside Grill posted a sign about a labor shortage (and appeared on Fox News to complain), despite having received assistance in the form of a PPP "loan."

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AdvertisementsOn June 9 2021, an Imgur user shared the following viral tweet, about a Florida-based resturant called Sliders Seaside Grill (and referencing ongoing disinformation campaigns about purported labor shortages):

In the above tweet ("Handouts for me but not for thee says Sliders Seaside Grill in FL"), an image to the left showed a sign attributed to Sliders Seaside Grill on Amelia Island in Florida. It read:

Sadly, due to government handouts no one wants to work anymore. Therefore, we are short staffed. Please be patient with the staff that did come to work today and remember to tip your server. They chose to show up to serve you.

A representative for Sliders Seaside Grill also appeared on Fox News on June 8 2021, due to the viral popularity of the sign seen in the first image. An introductory chyron read:

Restaurant Blames Govt Handouts for Staff Shortage

However, the second image in the…
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