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'Snakesgiving': Florida Mom Pulls Python from Car (Video)

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"Nice job, mom. You're a freakin' natural."
Odd stories about the Sunshine State have often featured a "Florida man." However, in November 2021, it was a Florida mom who was highlighted in a new video on TikTok after she pulled a large snake from a car, which was later identified as a python.

The video was posted ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday by the Python Cowboy account, also known as "Trapper Mike." He also has a YouTube channel.

The person recording the video mentioned that he had just been bitten, and said: "Mike, you just got bit. What are you doing?"

A woman that "Trapper Mike" referred to as his mother was wearing an apron when she pulled the tail of the lengthy python while the son dislodged its head…
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