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President Donald Trump didn't say "'GOOD' about the kids being separated from the parents" at the southern border during the final presidential debate, as social media posts wrongly claim. He said "go ahead" to the moderator, who was trying to move on to the next topic.
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During the final presidential debate on Oct. 22, President Donald Trump made some false and misleading claims about immigration and his administration's policy that led to mass separations of immigrant families, as we explained.

But some Trump critics took to social media during the debate and spread their own faulty claim on the subject by wrongly relaying a purported response by the president during the debate.

"If you heard Trump say 'GOOD' about the kids being separated from their parents, and you STILL plan to vote for him, you're inhuman," the posts falsely claim.

A review of the debate video and transcripts shows that Trump said "go ahead" to the debate's moderator, Kristen Welker — not "good" — as Welker was trying to move on to a new section of the debate.

Here's a video that begins at the relevant portion:

The moment in the debate, as the full video shows, includes erroneous claims made by Trump about foreign nationals who are apprehended crossing the border and released pending immigration hearings — which he refers to as "catch and release."

As Welker indicated she was attempting to move to a new subject, Biden referred to recent news that U.S. officials reportedly cannot locate the…
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