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Spellfire NFT Collectibles on OpenSea — a Modern Twist to CCG

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Spellfire returns as 'Spellfire Re-Master the Magic,' powered by NFTs. Releases 115 NFT collectible cards on OpenSea. Read on CoinQuora for more
Spellfire releases a new version of Collectible Card Game with a modern twist — NFTs.

The NFT cards come in both digital and physical form – a first of its kind.

The first Limited Edition Cards are available now at OpenSea.

Collectible card game (CCG) , as we all know, are generally themed around fantasy, science fiction, horror, cartoons, and sports. Recently, digital collectible cards gained popularity among CCG players. This influenced the influx of use cases for the once-only physical game.

Then again, the emergency of cryptocurrency brought in more digitalization for CCG. Inherently, the non-fungible token is the new focus in the crypto space, as such, Spellfire came forth bringing CCG into the 21st century of NFTs.

With that said, Spellfire, the former out-of-print collectible card game and trendsetter returns as Spellfire Re-Master the Magic. The Spellfire Re-Master the Magic is a modern twist of the classic card games leveraging NFTs.

Excitingly, the global CCG market is expected to blossom even better than the past few years, boasting a market value of about 3118.03 million USD…
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