Spotify now powers Delta Air Lines' seatback music
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Delta Air Lines and Spotify have teamed up to power the carrier's in-flight setback music experience.
Delta Air Lines announced today that is now using Spotify to power the "audio" portion of its in-flight, seatback entertainment.

The partnership brings eight curated playlists to the Delta in-flight entertainment system at launch, including Mood Booster, Are & Be, Hot Country, Mint, Today's Top Hits, Relax & Unwind, RapCaviar, and Ultimate Indie. Rock This, Roots Rising, and ¡Viva Latino! will be all follow in October. Passengers also will have access to more than 40 select podcast series that have been curated by Spotify and Delta.

The mash-up comes to passengers free of charge, which is welcome news considering all the…
Phil Nickinson
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