Star Wars: Visions is the best thing to happen to the franchise since Baby Yoda
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Anthology series Star Wars: Visions delivers an exciting journey through the Star Wars saga that makes the franchise feel fresh and full of potential.
Not every franchise can find ways to feel fresh after more than 40 years. But that's part of the magic of Star Wars, which has frequently reinvented itself in one way or another over four decades. The anime-inspired anthology series Star Wars: Visions is the latest experiment in filtering the sci-fi franchise through a new lens, and it offers up a vision of Star Wars that feels fresh, innovative, and original while remaining faithful to the tone and themes of Lucasfilm's beloved saga.

Scheduled to premiere on the Disney+ streaming service on September 22, Star Wars: Visions is a series of nine animated short films produced by six Japanese animation studios. The anime-style films are set throughout the Star Wars timeline and feature original stories based on characters and events from the franchise. The films are voiced by a cast of both Japanese- and English-speaking actors.

Star Wars: Visions packs a lot into each brief film, with the longest installment of the series, The Ninth Jedi, clocking in at an efficient 22 minutes. Most episodes average around 15 minute, and each tells a satisfying, complete story positioned at various points in the saga's fictional timeline. While some feel like the sort of canonical adventures that would have a comfortable place in the official Star Wars lore, others present themselves as alternate-history fare, offering a new perspective on familiar characters, events, and iconic locations.

The series gets off to a great start with…
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