Surfshark VPN review: Competitive pricing and blazing speeds from this VPN service
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This speedy VPN is giving bigger-name brands a run for their money.
While Surfshark is newer than its older and more readily recognized peers, it's moved fast to establish itself as a seriously competitive VPN option. Despite having a smaller server fleet than NordVPN or ExpressVPN, Surfshark makes up for it with its impressive features and competitive speeds. The budget-friendly VPN also has more configurable privacy add-ons than reputable services such as IPVanish.

I recommend Surfshark for its unlimited device support, its blazing speeds, and its rich suite of security and privacy features.

Surfshark Like Market-leading speeds

Doorbuster pricing

Multihop VPN Don't Like Privacy policy could use more detail

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Average speed loss: 53% speed lost in autumn 2020 tests

Number of servers: 3,200+

Number of server locations: 65 countries

Optional static IP addresses available

I ran my speed tests over the course of three days with dynamic IP addresses using both wireless and ethernet connections. Internet speeds in the US vary widely by state and provider. And with any speed test, results are going to rely on your local infrastructure, with hyperfast internet service yielding higher test speed results.

That's one reason I'm more interested in testing the amount of speed lost (which for most VPNs is typically half or more) across both high-speed and slower connection types, and in using tools like to even out the playing field. In the case of Surfshark, only 17% of average internet speeds were lost. That's even faster than the 27% speed loss I measured in 2019, and makes Surfshark the current fastest VPN in our autumn 2020 speed tests.

Surfshark's fast speeds during testing pushed the service immediately past NordVPN's tested speeds, which averaged 53% speed loss, and ahead of other speed-intensive VPNs such as ExpressVPN and IPVanish. This is particularly impressive given the comparatively small size of Surfshark's server fleet.

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