Tampa woman accused of trying to hire hitman to kill spouse of former flame

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A 50-year-old accountant from Tampa has been arrested after authorities say she tried to arrange a hit on the spouse of her former lover on the dark web...
, according to federal authorities.

DeAnna Marie Stinson created an account June 24 on a website on the dark web that claimed to offer murder-for-hire services, the U.S. Attorney's Office in Tampa said in a news release Friday.

The next day, she tried to submit an "order" to get a hitman assigned for her job, which she described as a "quick hit in southern Florida," authorities said, adding that Stinson included the name and address of the person who is married to her former significant other, as well as a photo of the intended target.

Over the next several weeks, Stinson tried to arrange the hit four more times, sending more than…
Amy Gehrt, Tampa Bay Times
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