Ted Sarandos' Chappelle response prompts plans for trans employee walkout at Netflix

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The company has faced criticism both internal and external for material in Dave Chappelle's The Closer—and for co-CEO Ted Sarandos' response
Trans employees at Netflix are planning a company-wide walkout on October 20th, in response to both the release of Dave Chappelle's recent stand-up special The Closer—in which Chappelle makes a number of homophobic and transphobic jokes and statements, including a loud assertion that he's "Team TERF!" and several statements that trans women are not real women—and CEO Ted Sarandos' response to criticism of the decision.


News of the walk out comes as news broke that software engineer Terra Field and two other employees had been un-suspended by the company. Field and the others had reportedly been disciplined by Netflix after attending a meeting that they hadn't been explicitly invited to participate in, voicing their unhappiness with the decision to platform Chappelle's work. In a screenshot of an email acknowledging the decision, Netflix management made it clear that it…
William Hughes
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