The 12 best TV shows to watch with your kids
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Kids will love these shows, and you probably will too.

Dear fellow parents.

I want to say something that I'm sure you're all thinking: Kids are the worst. Engaging with them, talking to them, trying to get them to focus on anything for single goddamn second. Sometimes -- and I'm not judging because I've been there -- you just need to sit them in front of the TV so you can find somewhere safe to cry.

But choosing something for your kids to watch is challenging. There's just so much out there! Here is a list of TV shows for kids that I think are the absolute best. The following list is mostly personal preference. But I've tried to add shows that...

I know my kids enjoy.

Have some educational value.

Aren't horrific for adults to consume.

Happy watching!

Kids aged 0 and above



If you live in Australia and you have kids, you'll absolutely have heard of Bluey. If you're in the US please, please hop onto Disney Plus and give it a try.

Bluey is a series of short, seven minute shows about a blue heeler pup called Bluey and his family. Why is Bluey so good? Hard to explain. It's truthful, heart-warming and will ring true with both kids and parents. My children are obsessed with the show and, every time I sit to watch, I find myself oddly engrossed. Some episodes have almost reduced me to tears!

Simple, delicate and just perfectly put together. It makes me want to be a better parent.

Puffin Rock


Created by Tomm Moore, the man behind the Oscar nominated Song of the Sea, Puffin Rock is a show about two Puffins living off the coast of Ireland and it's insanely charming. Maybe the most wholesome show on this list. Your kids will learn life lessons, Irish wildlife and maybe stop arguing with one another for at least five minutes.



I'm putting Booba in this list grudgingly. Mainly because my youngest kid watches it endlessly, loves it and constantly asks to watch it. It's very slapstick and very…
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