The Behind Her Eyes Ending Has the Most Insane TV Finale Twist We've Seen in a Long Time
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Let's dig through that absurd conclusion to the popular new Netflix series.
When I watched the last twenty minutes of Behind Her Eyes this weekend, all I could do was smile and shake my head repeatedly. Honestly, I'm still not over it. If you haven't watched the new limited series on Netflix, be warned: I am 100 percent going to spoil it for you in this article. So if you want to watch it and see if you can guess the ending before it whacks you in the head like a pile of cartoon bricks, go ahead and do that. Come back here when you're ready to discuss—or just want something to help you process your feelings about what the hell you just watched.

Despite standout performances by Simona Brown and Eve Hewson , Behind Her Eyes is basically six hours of waiting for an ending that essentially cheats its way into a shocking twist. If you've read Sarah Pinborough's novel from which the series is adapted, you already know the twist ending and can get on with your life. For the rest of us, though, let's talk about the Behind Her Eyes twist ending that is truly, actually, legitimately absurd.

*Final warning: spoilers for Behind Her Eyes below.

What is the Twist Ending?

Two words: astral projection.

What begins as an erotic/crime/psychological thriller takes a sharp turn into supernatural fantasyland in the second-to-last episode. The term "astral projection" isn't actually spoken until the last fifteen minutes of Episode Five, but once it is—man, all bets are off. It's like the show just said, "Rules? What rules? To hell with narrative structure and consistent, honest, world-building! Genre who?" But you know what? Fine. Take us deep into the world of lucid dreaming and astral projection—I was missing 2011-era Tumblr, anyway.

I'll do my best to summarize the twist ending in one sentence: Adele is Rob. Rob is Adele. This entire time, the woman we've been watching and wondering about—is she a manipulative psychopath or the victim of an abusive husband?—is actually Rob, Adele's best friend from her time at the rehabilitation facility where she…
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