The best air mattress for 2021: SoundAsleep, REI and more compared
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We inflated and slept on some of the most popular air mattress models, from Intex, Coleman, King Koil and more. Here's what we learned.
You never know when an air mattress might come in handy for a good night's sleep. Maybe you have family coming to stay for a week and don't have space in your home office for an regular bed. While it should generally be considered a last resort, it's not a bad idea to have an air mattress or two on hand that you can throw a fitted sheet and a blanket on if in case you wind up with more overnight company than beds. Or, maybe you're traveling and need an inflatable mattress that sits nicely in truck beds so you can sleep under the stars. Or perhaps you're camping and don't want to put your sleeping bag on the hard ground.

The best air mattress offers overall comfort, adequate back support, and the semi-secure feeling that the whole thing isn't going to lose air and collapse to the floor by the time morning comes. With more than 10,000 search results on Amazon alone, it's an extremely crowded product category, so the search for the best air mattress can be difficult without some guidance.

We've taken the most popular and the best air mattresses we've found on Amazon and other major retailers (including Target and Walmart) and put them through a battery of hands-on testing to see which might potentially offer the best quality sleep. This includes repeatedly inflating and deflating air beds, evaluating their construction and durability, and subjecting them to the rigors of camping and a series of acrobatically inclined children's sleepovers to test them for comfort, air pressure and how puncture-resistant the air chamber is are (after all, air leaks are counter-productive to a great night's sleep).

To narrow down the best air mattress options, we confined testing for our buyer's guide to queen air mattress models, rather than twin size to standard size, and included comfort and price comparisons.

You can find most of the warranty information and basic specs, including dimensions and weight capacity, on manufacturer or retailer websites. I've included that kind of…
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