The best anime of 2020 on Netflix, Crunchyroll and more streamers
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Highlights of another great year of anime.
2020 was a difficult year, but entertainment stayed with us through thick and thin. Even though many anime productions were temporarily halted, it was a good year for fans, with exciting new productions and old favorites making a triumphant return.

This is the ultimate list of 2020 anime you shouldn't miss, whether it's the new season of a popular series or a completely new show proving that somehow, studios and artists still come up with fresh ideas. We've featured a wide variety of genres, too, so there's something for everyone, no matter your tastes. All of these series are available to stream, so if a particular show tickles your fancy, we'll let you know how you can watch it.

Keep your hands off Eizouken!

Watch it on: Crunchyroll

Science Saru's anime about three girls who want to make their own anime is surprising in many ways, one of them being how little anime-making is actually involved. Protagonist Midori Asakusa is a girl who just can't sit still, and her hyperactive personality and imagination drive this show about starting a passion project and following through all the way.

Eizouken is breezy, weird and just runs with any weird plot twist without asking questions, to fun results. The sequences in which Asakusa and her friends imagine their creations and enter dreamworlds of their own making are inspiring, wonderfully animated and a great way of visualizing true creativity – if Eizouken doesn't make you want to start a new project, we don't know what else will.


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This is a story really only anime can not get away with, but also pull off well. Caiman is half man, half reptilian – as if that wasn't strange enough, he ended up in this predicament due to being experimented on by black magicians who entered his dimension looking for test subjects. Since he would understandably like to have his human appearance back, Caiman starts hunting for magicians with the help of his friend Nikaido.

This simple but offbeat premise…
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