The best gifts to upgrade your grad's tech setup
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Here's a list of the best tech upgrades for college graduates, as chosen by the experts at Engadget..
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Every spring, a new class of graduates is unleashed on the world, many of them carrying an array of gadgets that have been put through the ringer over the years. Graduation is traditionally a big time for gift-giving — so if you know someone who is heading out into the "real world" who could use an upgrade after four (or more!) long years of higher education, here's a host of options that'll be a serious improvement over their aging and probably pretty beat up gear.



As useful as tablets and smartphones are, there's still nothing that can compete with a traditional laptop when you really want to get things done. It's also a very personal purchase, so you'll want to know if the recipient prefers Windows, Mac or Chrome OS before you pull the trigger. But once you have that settled, these three laptops are some of the best jack-of-all-trades options out there — unless the person you're shopping for has some very specific needs, these laptops will probably fit the bill.

Dell's XPS lineup is always easy to recommend, and its XPS 13 continues to be the best all-around Windows laptop. Over the past few years, Dell has polished every slight imperfection to the point where there's almost nothing to complain about. It has wonderful industrial design, with a thin and light body and nearly invisible screen bezels. The keyboard and screen are both great, and battery life regularly exceeds 10 hours. Dell even moved the webcam from the bottom bezel to the top a few years ago, fixing probably the biggest problems with earlier models.

The base $999 models has Intel's 11th-generation Core i3 processor, 8GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, which is enough for most, but Dell also sells a model with a touchscreen, a Core i7 processor,…
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