The best iPhone XR cases and covers for 2020
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It may be last year's model, but Apple's iPhone XR still boasts beautiful style and so much power. Protect your phone with our list of the best iPhone XR cases.
While your iPhone XR may not be the newest (or most expensive) Apple offering on the market, it's still worth protecting. If you always seem to wind up with cracks and chips, one of these classy and functional protective cases will be the perfect fit.

From easy-grip to ultra-durable to cases that prioritize style above all else, here we'll cover a range of iPhone XR cases to suit your needs and budget.

Hitcase Splash Waterproof Case

The Hitcase Splash's headline feature is the ability to resist water ingress with an IP68 rating for water resistance, but its tricks don't stop there. It's extremely protective, with water resistance up to 10 feet (3 meters), drop resistance up to 6 feet (2 meters), and a soft-grip exterior, but it's still slim and lightweight, so it won't add bulk to your phone. One of the best additions is the ability to reinforce the iPhone XR's extremely capable camera by attaching one of Hitcase's TrueLUX lenses to add ultra-wide, wide, and macro shots to your repertoire. An excellent protective case with some serious utility — though the case and lenses together will set you back a pretty penny.

Burkley Carson Detachable Leather Wallet Case

Leather is a beautiful and soft material, and it pairs extremely well with the wallet case. But while wallet cases are useful, they are bulky, and you might not want to use one every day. That's where Burkley's Carson case comes in. The part of the case that clips onto your phone is attached to the wallet section with magnets, letting you detach it whenever you want — so you only need to use the wallet folio when needed. The wallet part has three credit card-sized slots and a space for spare cash, and can be used as a kickstand if needs be. The case part has a shock-absorption shell, and the whole thing uses luxurious full-grain leather. This is a great case if you like to adapt to situations and hate carrying more than is strictly necessary.

Ghostek Ariel Flowing Glitter Case

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