The best jokes about New York from Jerry Seinfeld's book
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Jerry Seinfeld has a new book about nothing.
"Is This Anything?" — out Oct. 6 from Simon & Schuster — charts the Long Islander's path to success, almost exclusively through bits and one-liners, from his first set in 1976, at the Catch a Rising Star comedy club (he lasted on stage for about 90 seconds), to his "Seinfeld" pitch meeting in the late '80s at NBC with Larry David (the latter's combativeness would eventually get him banned from network meetings).

In the book, Seinfeld compares the end of the nine-season series run with crossing the finish line of a marathon, totally exhausted. "Obviously, that was worth it. But also . . . a ridiculously long run," he writes. By this point, the car-obsessive has gone from talking bumper cars to joking about his '89 Porsche 911 Speedster. (An avid collector, he's owned dozens of Porsches over the years.)

Although the 66-year-old no longer spends his days watching the "Ed Sullivan Show" while eating a bowl of cereal on his apartment floor, he claims his creative process has hardly changed.

The comedian still jots down funny bits on a yellow legal pad and keeps them filed in "old-school accordion folders." And he still goes to comedy clubs — at least when the pandemic hasn't shuttered them — to try out new material.

He's also still using NYC as his source material. The comedian recently locked horns with James Altucher,…
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