The best travel adapters for 2021
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We collected some of the best travel power adapters for international jetsetters and road warriors. Snag one of these to keep your gadgets juiced on the go.
Whether you're a digital nomad who works from your laptop on sandy foreign beaches or a high-powered, all-business road warrior, you're going to need a travel adapter for when you go abroad. Different countries and regions use different voltage ranges, but all-in-one adapters can convert them to a standard you can use with your phone, laptop, and a range of other mobile devices. Travel adapters can save you a serious headache — and a lot of money — on your journey. We've gathered some of the best multi-device travel adapters to keep you juiced up while on the move.

Xcentz Universal Power Adapter

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Of all the travel adapters on our list, this offers versatility and handy features in a compact package. If you're traveling through many countries, this one adapter could meet all your needs. It covers 200 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, Canada, and Japan. To switch between plug types, you press and slide one of the three buttons, each of which locks firmly in place, or you can pull out the compact European plug section. Plug your gadget into the other side and you're all set. The Xcentz Universal Power Adapter includes three USB-A ports that support Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0, and a USB-C port that supports Power Delivery up to 18W, so you can charge multiple devices at once. The clever feature is the adapter's self-resetting fuse. Usually, when the fuse in your travel adapter blows, you have to replace it. This one will trip and block the overload, letting you can push the button on the side to reset it. The universal charger is rated at 10A and supports up to 2,300W of combined power, while the pop-out EU plug is 16A and goes up to 3,680W in total.

Fuse Chicken Universal

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This clever device is the perfect travel adapter for…
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