The culture war, cloning, and Dr. Allison Mann enter the world of Y: The Last Man
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What "Mann Hunt" demonstrates by its A story is that 355 and Dr. Mann are already developed in a way that Yorick isn't.
"People are going to have to pick sides," Kimberly says to Regina when the woman who should have stepped into the presidency per the line of succession is returned by the Israelis to the Pentagon, and "Mann Hunt," the fifth episode of Y: The Last Man, expands that idea outside of the Pentagon, too. Per the reports Jennifer is receiving from around the country, rioters are spreading to statehouses, government mansions, and food banks. The power is still off. As we see in Boston, clashes between the U.S. Army and the protestors who think that the government is hiding information, and who specifically accuse Jennifer, are commonplace. Jennifer keeps saying that she wants to protect and work for all the people still alive, and she's loath to hand over power to Regina. And yes, Regina seems like an absolutely awful human being. But: Is Jennifer actually doing a good job? Could anyone in this role do a good job? Difficult to say!


"Mann Hunt" leaves Hero, Sam, Roxanne, and their Costco of canned goods behind to return to Jennifer, Kimberly, Christine, and the other women at the Pentagon as the B story this week, and Tian Jun Gu's screenplay incrementally ratchets up the tension the series' preceding four episodes have already established. I'm not sure there are enough narrative details about all these people's varying grievances (what do people think the "hoax" is, exactly?), but there's widespread chaos, and people want answers. Conspiracy theories are spreading about what caused the loss of those with the Y chromosome and who was responsible for it, and so maintaining the secrecy of Yorick's identity remains extremely important. Does that mean Yorick keeps his mask on the whole time? It does not! The need for lead actor Ben Schnetzer to show his face supersedes the narrative logic of keeping Yorick hid. But there are people all throughout "Mann Hunt" acting foolishly, so I cannot necessarily direct my ire only at Yorick.

There's Jennifer, who allowed…
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