The Difference Between Credit Cards, Personal Loans, and a Personal Line of Credit
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Although they're similar, these types of credit aren't the same.
Most people know how credit cards work, and they might be familiar with personal loans, too—but what about a personal line of credit? All these options are similar, but they have subtle differences that can affect which one you might choose when you need to borrow money. Here's a look at when you'd use a line of credit over a credit card or personal loan.


What's a personal line of credit?

Personal lines of credit are open-ended loans that allow a borrower to withdraw funds as needed, over a fixed period of time, for limits that range from $1,000 to $100,000. Unlike a personal loan, this type of credit lets access funds multiple times rather than getting the money upfront as a lump sum. Interest accrues once funds are withdrawn, with borrowers making minimum monthly payments like a credit card.

Personal lines of credit are typically unsecured (which means that your property isn't used as collateral) and have a…
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