The FBI has been operating an encrypted chat platform since 2018 to collect data on criminals
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In 2018, the CEO of a company called Phantom Secure was taken into custody. Phantom Secure specialized in providing "hardened encrypted devices" that were sold exclusively to...
What just happened? A joint sting operating involving law enforcement agencies from several countries has resulted in the arrest of hundreds of suspects and the seizure of tons of drugs, more than 100 weapons and nearly $45 million in cash – and that's just in Australia.

members of criminal organizations, allowing them to communicate with business associates without law enforcement being able to surveil their chats.

Following the CEO's arrest, the FBI recruited a confidential human source (CHS) that had been developing a "next-gen" encrypted communications product meant to compete with services like Phantom Secure. The device, dubbed Anom, was supplied by the…
Shawn Knight
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