The Five 'Destiny 2' TWABs I Want To See Before Beyond Light
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There are roughly six more TWABs on deck before Beyond Light arrives in Destiny 2, and given how substantive they've been recently, I'm hoping that at least five of them can address or at least touch on various issues surrounding the game.
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Here are the five topics I am most curious to see addressed in the coming weeks, and no, I did not put Transmog on here because DMG already said they weren't going to talk about that until after Beyond Light, so that feels like a pointless request. And yet…

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1. Shader TWAB

If there is a single system in Destiny that I would love to see redesigned, it's how shaders currently work, which is a remnant of a bad Destiny 2 change that I think was originally trying to promote Eververse purchases or raid grinding for bonus shader drops or something goofy like that. These days, you can infinitely pull any shader you have from collections, and yet the entire system is still totally terrible.

Among the things we need:

Shaders to stop being consumable.

More than 50 slots to easily access hundreds of shaders now in the game.

An "apply to all" button.

More accurate thumbnail colors.

Fixing all non-shadeable pieces of armor, and not continuing to do that in the future.

Give me like four out of the five there and I'll be happy.

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2. Anti-Cheat TWAB

I have never encountered a cheater in Destiny 2 because I only play PvE on PC and PvP on console, and yet I understand the importance of this issue among dedicated PC players to the point where yes, Bungie probably does need to do a somewhat deep dive into the entire status of Anti-Cheat in the game, and what steps they're taking to make things better in the future. This is probably the overall most requested issue I've seen that players want Bungie to talk…
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