The Geophysicist Who Stormed the Capitol
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Jeffrey Sabol lived in a quiet Colorado town and had some doubts about government spending. On January 6, he was photographed with a baton in his hand on the Capitol terrace. How does someone cross the threshold from belief to action?
One of the co-defendants in Sabol's case, Michael John Lopatic Sr., a 57-year-old from Manheim Township, Pennsylvania, is said to have struggled with mental health issues. His wife of 34 years wrote in a letter to the court that Lopatic, a father of four adult children and a Catholic Sunday school teacher, has post-traumatic stress disorder from his service as a Marine in Beirut, as well as bipolar disorder and an inoperable brain tumor.

Todd Kerbs, Sabol's rugby friend, believes Sabol, whom he calls "Jeffro," experienced something resembling "a psychological break" while at the Capitol, a moment in which he lost control: "He fell off the edge for about a minute. But I know for a 1,000 percent fact that he didn't go there with any ill intentions. He just wanted to observe and see what was going on."…
Melanie Warner
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